Enrichment For Everyone

Mainstream guidance and an Inclusive special needs enrichment group for children ranging from 4 to 21 years old.

Early intervention programs work on multiple aspects through play such as sensory, gross motor, fine motor, art, social skills, the environment, nature, fitness, martial arts, calculations, Mandarin, and much more!

Early Intervention Development Program Singapore

Early Intervention Program with
gym therapy

Physical activity helps to promote physical development, and confidence, as well as cognitive and social development. It also helps to increase energy levels and regulate moods.

Our experienced sports trainers will support and teach your child at all times.

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Cognitive & Adaptive development

Physical development & Play activities

Communication & Social development

Social & emotional development

Table Top Gaming

Are you worried about your childs computer, iPad or game time? BUT still want your child to have the same amount of fun or more?

True Inclusion and Genesis brings you Table Top Gaming!
Bring fantasy to life through immersive story telling games, diving into the infinite universe and endless possibilities of fantasy.
Create your characters working the imagination, attention to detail and more! Painting classes of Miniatures working on imagination, fine motor skills, attention to detail and more!

Games with friends and the GAME MASTER! Improve verbal creativity, confidence, problem solving, teamwork and more!
And last but not least Terrain Building. Using the same tools architects use to create mini terrains such as forests, ice caverns, caves, dungeons and so much more!

If this is something your child like, please contact us to find out more exciting details!

Concerned about your child's confidence? Safety? Or mental health management?

 Good health leads to a strong mind, increased focus, and productivity.

Martial Arts

Martial Arts

Programs designed to improve Gross motor skills, fine motor skills, coordination, and the understanding of the human body.



Self-defense instructors with years of experience in multiple forms to guide your child along to improved confidence, discipline, respect, and health.



Working towards building strength, power, stamina, endurance, resistance training, weight, plyometric exercises, cardiovascular, and more. We have it all.

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Our programmes are designed to develop functional training, gross motor, and fine motor skills,
improve muscle development, self defense, and great confidence!

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Why True Inclusion?

We are focused on removing worries, anxieties, and concerns from parents, thinking about how to build their child's capabilities both physically and mentally.

We are a group of educators, lecturers, and therapists that came together to change the structure and build greater opportunities for children and adults. Offering more like martial arts, design, web development to open new doors to success.

Adobe Courses Special Price!

Enjoy special prices on all our Adobe Courses at the beginner level until 31 December 2020! Discounts applied to all, group, 1-to-1 classes, or online classes, terms and conditions applied. 

To find out more information, please enroll now to fill up our form and we will contact you as soon as possible! Don't miss this opportunity!


Medical Conditions We Have SuccessfullyTrained

Cerebral Palsy

Down syndrome

Autism Spectrum Disorder


Visual Impairment

Hearing difficulties


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